My Mission

My mission is to help as many people as I can to live the life they deserve, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Nothing less and nothing more. No voodoo, no magic tricks or mystic rituals. Just straight forward and actionable advice.

Who am I and why am I doing this?

I held my first consultation at the age of 7, first year in elementary school. I had no idea what I was doing, but already had the desire to help and the instinct on how to do it. Than social conditioning happened and I started to walk the same path as most of my generation. I was a member of the 9-5 crowd with steady income and a progressing career in the corporate world, in IT procurement to be exact. I have rented a nice apartment, had my car, my TV, my stereo, my wardrobe, intimate relationships, all the things you usually want… and it did not make me happy. Something was always missing. I was not living my own life… I was living a socially accepted, comfortable and “secure” misery.

Your life IS your message.

With everything what and how you think, speak, actions you take and things you own you are sending a clear message to the world that says:

“This is how life should be! Follow me, do the same! Live like I do”.

Do you see a chance you may not be sending the message you trully want?
Do you see a chance you may not be living the life you trully want?

I literally hated my life and therefore the message I was sending. At one point I was even seriously considering to end it all. To just… check out, end the suffering. However, I did not do it, but that was not redemption, only survival. I kept on suffering for over a decade untill… one day I just told myself: “I refuse to accept that my life is going to be like this!”

My journey started and a crazy dreamer was born. I made a risky decision and let all that “security” go and dedicated myself to be the best life coach. I have been working on myself very hard, investing all my savings to become that person who is free from past pain, hurt, regret and is able to be authentic and true as a life coach. Someone that can make a difference in people’s life by sharing knowledge and wisdom that comes from personal experience and not from books or online courses. Now I own my true self. My big heart, my ambition and passion to thrive as a coach, my intellect and desire to learn whatever is required to achieve my dreams, my patience and persistence to fight through tough times and my open mind to fully embrace this journey. What about you? How does your life look like?

I am here to assist you in getting on your own path.
Living your own life and sending your own message.

Life is short, stop wasting it ! Make an appointment now and let’s start working on
Your Life to deliver Your Message !